Conférence «Association, Assemblage et l'État»

Vendredi 18 novembre, 15 h
Local A-1715, pavillon Hubert-Aquin,
405 rue Ste-Catherine Est, UQAM, (Métro Berri-UQAM)

La conférence sera en anglais.

This lecture will discuss the potential & limits of the pluralist theory of the State dating back to Harold Laski in 1920s.

Then it will sweep into our new century & look at contemporary social scientists like Bruno Latour & Robert Boyer in France, as well as, legal theorists like Peer Zumbansen [York U. Toronto] & Gunther Teubner [Goethe U. Frankfurt a.M.] and their focus:

  • on inter-relations between sub-system constitutions as opposed to statist constitutions;
  • transnational law superseding nation-state courts; and
  • the dynamics of globalized capital.

Conférence de Richard Weiner, Affiliate, Center for European Stuidies at Harvard, professeur de science politique, Rhode Island College, USA

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